Established in 2004


Having gained considerable experience in the print and mail industry, Marie Joynson, Geoff Joynson and Neil Gordon established JAG Ltd in 2004. Based in Oxfordshire, we’re a small team with the resources to serve companies and mailing lists of all sizes. Contact Marie or Jonathan at or call 01869 324300

Set your Brand Apart with Targeted Mail

Direct mail marketing has seen noticeable changes in recent decades, especially with digital marketing.  Evidence shows that direct mail is still proved to have more of an impact and should be part of a strong marketing campaign. Learn more about our targeted mail fulfilment services here.

Data Protection

Data protection has always been important to the reputation of JAG. In light of GDPR, we have undertaken further measures to ensure that our services are fully compliant. You can be sure that we will only use your data lists for the intended purpose.

Environmental Responsibility

There’s no doubt that we process high volumes of paper, but we ensure that all paper stock and envelopes come from sustainable FSC or PEFC sources. This ensures that each year more trees are planted than are chopped down and as a result, European forests are steadily expanding. If you would prefer us to print on 100% recycled paper, we will arrange that for you. Mindful of plastic pollution, our polythene stock is recyclable and we also offer carbon neutral polythene and home compost film options. Learn more about our personalised printing services here.

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